By Anton Röhm | May 5, 2024

Delicious Recipe Storage

Recipe websites are filled with ads and unnecessary content, but there's a fix:

Long gone: The days of recipe books
Long gone: The days of recipe books Photo: Frank Holleman / Unsplash

It's Sunday night.

You are hungry and want to cook something new and exciting. You browse recipes on your phone and find a promising one, the website opens and presents you with anything but the recipe: Ads, popups, a newsletter sign up form, suggested desserts and - you guessed it - more ads.

You don't care about any of this: you just want to know the required ingredients and the steps you need to follow in order to get that delicious, mouth watering Lasagna, or Gnocchi, or Chicken or whatever.

You finally complete all the steps (after closing like five hundred different popups and ads) and it tasted amazing. Everyone is happy. This recipe truly deserves to be cooked again.

But how will you remember it? Save the link of the website in your bookmarks and visit that unintuitive mess of a website again next time? What about saving it in a dedicated folder in your emails instead? Just a plain-text version of the recipe with the list of ingredients and steps to cook? Without any ads, unnecessary bylines or whatnot. Saved in your emails to live on forever?

That's possible now, with this handy little service I found the other day:!

It's super simple to use: Just send an email with the link to one (or more) recipes in its body to and just a few seconds later you'll receive the extracted details as a plain-text email in your inbox which you can archive in a folder of your choosing. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

My opinion? 10/10. Must have for everyone who plans to operate a stove at least once in their life. Well done, @Matthew Phillips!

Anton Röhm

Student, software developer. Photo: Jonas Walzberg / Tincon


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