By Malek Tellissi | November 1, 2022

New: Comment with Mastodon

Mastodon + f5z = <3

Share your opinion: We all learn from each other only
Share your opinion: We all learn from each other only Photo: MAK /

Until today you could not write comments on f5z. Now we have added this feature. Thanks to Carl Schwan - f5z is now a blog, not an "echo chamber".

To comment, you need an account on any Mastodon instance. You just have to reply to the corresponding post - and your replies will be displayed below the post.

The advantage of Mastodon: We don't have to rely on a third party provider, don't share your data with anyone and use existing infrastructure.

Anton and me deployed a Mastodon instance. Our alternative to Twitter runs on a RaspberryPi in Anton's basement. If you want to know more about the setup and how it works, feel free to comment 😉.

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